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Our site provides spoiler-free reviews of escape game experiences in and around Orlando, Florida, as well as spoiler-free reviews of at home escape board games. We take many components of the escape game experience into account when reviewing an escape game. We value a company’s attention to detail while theme of the room, the solvability of each puzzle, the difficulty of the game, and the interaction between game master and team. We provide details for each category and an overall rating for the experience of the game.

What is an Escape Game?

An escape game is an immersive, problem-solving experience. Each game has an elaborate theme and a particular situation that needs to be resolved before you can succeed in escaping the room.

Typically, your team will have sixty minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, open locks, and progress through the situation. Rooms have a variety of puzzles and, most of the time, can be solved using only what is in the room and your brain. Occasionally, having a background in unique skills, like understanding morse code, or decoding ciphers can speed up the process.

Who should try an Escape Game?

We’d encourage people to try an escape game if they:

America's Escape Game in Orlando is one of our favorite locations! They've put together a short video answering the question "What is an Escape Game?" Check it out below! You can also contact us with any questions you may have!


Click an image to read a review! These reviews are entirely spoiler-free and are our team's experiences and opinions. Each game is rated on the theme of the room, the solvability of puzzles, the difficulty of the game, and the interaction between game master and team. We also issue an overall rating of each room and provide answers to FAQs about the game.

Our Team

Why do we like escape games? It’s simple, really – we enjoy solving puzzles and completing mini-games, which usually requires us to think outside of the box. There’s also that great adrenaline rush and feeling of success when you unlock a lock or finally figure out a code.

We also enjoy the teamwork aspect of the games and our team structure is based on trust & support. Each teammate has particular skills and we’ve learned how to use each person effectively; we also realize that we need a different type of leader in different situations. Ultimately, we are so successful because we can acknowledge when we need help and are willing to step aside to let another teammate try it out.





Strengths: Visual puzzles, announcer of items, willing to go first into newly unlocked areas

Austin is a computer science student and animator, specializing in character design. Austin is a pro at getting things done in a timely manner, which is very helpful as we work through games. We send him into new spaces first, and he's willing to take one for the team.


Strengths: Decipherer, patterns, delegator

Brittany is an educator and web development student. She is constantly overwhelmed and busy, but loves learning new things and solving problems. Brittany can be a bit bossy, but every team needs a leader…right?


Strengths: Math & logic puzzles, morse code, music challenges

David is an educator and fantastic human being. He works incredibly hard and fully commits to every project he takes on. His word of the year is integrity and he strives to maintain integrity in everything he does. However, you can’t send him into a new room first…he just won’t go in.





Strengths: Puzzle boxes, time guardian, general awesomeness

Jimmy is a journeyman electrician and an incredibly dependable person. His thinking is rooted in reality, which plays a vital in keeping our team on track for escaping the room. Our team can always count on Jimmy to help move us forward.


Strengths: Room wrecker, history buff, tactile puzzles

John is a shop foreman and a real hands-on kind of person. He gets in there and tears a room up! His knowledge of the past is used in every theme we take on, but it is his ability to think quickly that makes John an asset.


Strengths: Finding items, literally, everywhere, organizing puzzles to be solved, support

Nancy is a nurturer; she provides constant support for her family, friends, and our team. Whenever we enter a new space, Nancy heads in, knowing that her vertical challenges will be advantageous as we explore!

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