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Michael Scott
Michael Scott

"Would I rather be feared or loved? Um, easy both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

Michael Gary Scott

Michael is the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Michael thinks of himself as an extremely capable boss who can handle any problem efficiently. In reality, Scott is ill-equipped to handle most of the problems that arise at Dunder Mifflin. Michael loves to host conference room meetings where typically very little is accomplished but he gets to be the center of attention.

Alter Egos

Given his tendency of constantly trying to keep his employees entertained coupled with his juvenile personality, Michael has created a variety of different alter egos which he uses for both entertainment and educational purposes.

"Carnac" Michael dons a jeweled turban and reads the content of a letter before opening. Although this character's name is never revealed, he says, "This is a little character I like to do; it's loosely based on Carnac, one of Carson's classic characters," based on Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificent.

Ping, an Asian caricature based on Michael's Chinese food delivery man.

Agent Michael Scarn is the star of Threat Level: Midnight, a derivative spy/action hero screenplay written and illustrated by Michael. He had kept it hidden in his desk drawer until it was discovered by Pam without his knowledge and photocopied so the staff could stage a rollicking reading of it while Michael was on a sales call.

Michael Scarn, Michael pretends that he is a lawyer at a law firm to get information about Prince Paper so that Dunder-Mifflin can run them out of business. A thinly-veiled portrayal of himself, Michael also adopts the persona in one session of his improv comedy class, ignoring the rule to base his dialogue off of his scene partners, and ultimately shooting everyone in the room, regardless of their participation in the scene.

Prison Mike, wears a purple bandana over his head, speaking in a caricature of New York English, and explains that he is in prison for theft, robbery and kidnapping the president's son for ransom (although he claims, in knee-jerk defensiveness, that he was never caught). He proceeds to paint an awful, and somewhat fanciful, picture of prison life. He states that the scariest part of prison is the Dementors. The character is likely the result of Michael's take on the Scared Straight! documentary series.

Michael the Magic attempts to escape from a straitjacket but fails because of a lost key which was actually hidden by Jim. Michael's fondness for magic is referenced throughout the series, including an off-screen visit to a children's magic camp. Michael also attempts to utilize a magic prop briefcase (which included a working chainsaw) while speaking at Karen's Utica branch in "Lecture Circuit". In the cold open for Nepotism, he is seen performing numerous, albeit repetitive, magic tricks.

Michael Klump attempts to show that overweight people are people too. Michael wears a partially-inflated sumo suit underneath a business suit and is patterned after the Eddie Murphy character in the Nutty Professor remakes.

Michael Scotch was co-created when Michael and Dwight were trying to contact David Wallace to complain when Charles Miner canceled Michael's fifteenth-anniversary party because of budget cuts. Michael Scotch is an overly aggressive character who threatens that he has kidnapped David Wallace's son.

Blind Guy McSqueezy is a character Michael created at his improv class so he could feel up women.

Caleb Crawdad is a Southern persona used for the purposes of a game.

Date Mike is a personality Michael takes on when on a date. Michael creates this personality when Jim points out to him that Pam's friend likes him. Up to that point, Michael had been charming and likable, but Date Mike completely ruined things and the friend fled in disgust. Ironically, Michael felt Date Mike was successful because he impressed Donna, while Jim thought Date Mike was a disaster because he didn't know about Donna. Michael says Date Mike is inspired by "the winners of reality dating shows. AND the losers". Catchphrase: "Hi I'm Date Mike, nice to meet me."

Orville Tootenbacher is a character Michael created who is a millionaire that farts popcorn.

Mike Leno is an interview personality that is a parody of Jay Leno.

Reginald Poofda is an English character that Michael mentioned that he was working on when he bumped into David Brent.

Classy Santa Michael's version of Santa Claus at a 'Classy Christmas Party' which Michael throws when Holly Flax is temporarily transferred back to Scranton while Toby Flenderson is on jury duty. Classy Santa wears an untraditional Kangaroo-style Santa hat, a black dress shirt, a red smoking jacket, dress slacks, and smokes a pipe.

Mikanos is a Greek character (based on Spyros) made up when Andy held a seminar to increase his sales. "Mikanos" was the character to buy one ream of paper from Andy to get other potential customers and local business owners to buy paper and increase his sales.

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