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The Office
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert

"...From time to time, I send Dwight faxes... from himself... from the future."

James "Jim" Halpert

Jim is also in sales and is considered to be one of the "heroes" of the show because of his laid back attitude and ability to get along with people. During the course of the series, Jim married Pam Beasley and subsequently becomes quite motivated to succeed as a paper salesman. There are many instances in The Office where Jim spends very little time attempting to increase his paper sales instead spending considerable time trying to win the affections of Pam. Jim also spends an inordinate amount of time playing tricks on Dwight or entertaining his co-workers which he primarily does to entertain Pam. Several videos on the site demonstrate how Jim's work ethic is reflected by the incentive structure the company has in place.


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