The Office - Pam Beesly

The Office
Pam Beesly
Pam Beesly

“You can't be scared of a room full of Jims. I love the guy but he's basically Gumby with hair.”

Pamela "Pam" Morgan Halpert

Pam is the secretary at Dunder Mifflin and tries to keep Michael somewhat focused on work and being productive. Pam is unaware of Jim's romantic interest in her during the early seasons of the show. Pam eventually becomes the office manager who demonstrates an understanding of budgets and cost constraints.


  • Pama-lama-ding-dong

  • Big Pregs

  • Beesly

  • Ampay

  • PamPam and her Pam Pams

  • Bart Simpson of Scranton

  • Pam-Pam!

  • Pam, Pam, thank you ma'am

  • Spamster

  • Pam-burger-with-cheese

  • Pamera

  • Pam-M-S

  • Pan

  • Pam, Ms. Beesly if you're nasty

  • Christmas Pam

  • Pam-ola

  • Candied Pams

  • Pam-chop

  • Pamcasso

  • Pamcake

  • Pretty Pam

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