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Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Fully responsive wedding website built using Bootstrap Frameworks

Client: Alyssa Barber & Brennen Dunn

Date: March 2017

Skills: Brand Styling, End-to-end Web Design featuring HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap Frameworks

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I've known Alyssa and Brennen for a very long time...over twelve years now. Even though they met in high school, they were never really friends until they were reintroduced years later. When they became a couple, we knew it was just a matter of time until the wedding.

They decided on a "Winter Wonderland" wedding theme. After chatting with the bride to understand her vision, I created a brand style board complete with a custom color palette, curated font collection, and mood board of photography plus accents (*please note this brand board has been updated with recently released Google Fonts). This styling translated to the website with subtle hints of winter in its color scheme. I also created a small favicon featuring a snowflake to give that hint of winter.

Alyssa & Brennen wanted to be able to share their story, engagement photography, and critical guest information on this site. It was very important that the website be accessible on both desktop & mobile devices so that guests could reference it while traveling for the wedding.

This site is framed with Bootstrap; and, with this system, I knew I could quickly create a consistent, and responsive site for the couple. The single-scroll site features a transparent to color sticky nav, responsive "masonry style" gallery, and a contact form that uses PHP to send mail to the bride.

One of the most important elements was the information regarding the Day of Ceremony. This day would feature a period of unplanned time so the couple wanted to display the time information in a very clear way. So, I decided to set up a responsive timeline.

Full development case study coming soon.

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