Brittany Bellanca | Web Design & Front-End Development

Branded User Experience

Perfect Planner

Branded user experience with user flows, personas, IA, wireframes & a prototype with insights from usability testing

Client: None

Date: Summer 2018

Skills: Design Thinking, Storyboarding, Competitor Analysis, Product Conceptualization, Value Proposition, Provisional Personas, User Interviews, Affinity Mapping, Research-based Personas, Value Innovation Storyboard, User Flows + Requirements, Information Architecture, Card Sorting, Navigation + Content Structuring, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Paper Prototyping, Digital Prototyping

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This project began as an activity in Design Thinking. The problem I observed was "The perfect planner does not exist because each user has their own needs and ways to use their planner." And the concept of "The Perfect Planner" was born. Basically, it’s a Subway Restaurant for Planners - you tell us what you want and we'll build it for you!

I went through the process of validating the need for this type of product which included competitor analysis, user research interviews, and affinity mapping analysis which led to the creation of research-based personas and requirements.

Now that I knew who I was designing for, I began to imagine the true value of the product with an innovation storyboard. I empathized with these users to create user flows and detailed information architecture diagrams. Next, I developed testing scenarios with rapid wireframed, prototypes for validation research. Upon analyzing those results via card sorting, I solidified the navigation and content structure which led to the creation of low fidelity mockups.

The culmination of this project is viewable as a digital prototype. Had this course been longer or continued on, I would have next developed higher fidelity mockups based on user feedback from the current prototype.

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