Website Overhaul & Communications Campaign

Digital Strategy Brand Application Front-End Development

Client Profile

RAMMP Hospitality Brands, Inc. is a Canadian franchisor in the foodservice industry focused on helping grow their brands and expand their portfolio. Their most well-known franchise is MR. MIKES with over 40 locations across Canada.

Project Summary

We deeply explored the current-state of RAMMP and its subsidiary MR. MIKES to complete a full current situation analysis, a brand overhaul, social media & digital marketing strategy, and a completely customized website which solved their communications problem.

Project Goal

To develop a comprehensive communication campaign with responsive website redesign based on research, analytics, and client needs

Team & Timeline

August-December 2018 • The capstone course is a collaborate, competitive experience. Together with three additional classmates, my group faced-off against two other teams to try and win the client's favor at the end of the semester.


  • Competitive & SWOT Analysis
  • Social Media & Email Campaign Mockups
  • WordPress Website Development
  • New Website Usability Testing

Tech & Tools

  • Sketch
  • Trello
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Photoshop and InDesign


"Incredible work! Your site was beautiful, professional, user-friendly and served the client's needs. I love the additions from the rough draft to the final. This is one of the absolute best projects I've ever seen in this course and you should be so proud of your work. Awesome job!" - Evaluating Professor

sample slide from pitch deck

Our final pitch presentation to the client was the culmination of several months of dedicated teamwork and perseverance.

Download Campaign Pitch

mockup of sample page from presentation

The full campaign document is an in-depth look at the research and proposed solutions for the brand overhaul.

Download Campaign Doc

image showing responsive website views on tablet and mobile phone

I decided to use WordPress so the client could feel empowered to take control of their website presence and easily manage their content.

View Proposed Site

Highlighted Contributions

My team and I collaborated well throughout the entire experience and came together to create a really beautiful experience for the client. Here are some of my most prominent contributions to the project. Full case study coming soon.

Competitive Analysis

When you view the current RAMMP website, you land on a page all about MR. MIKES - and, this is very confusing! We knew we needed to help RAMMP develop their own unique standing in this industry.

As part of the analysis, I evaluated RAMMP's competitors to understand what others are offering and to see what sort of styles they are using. This step was important because we did not want to closely emulate a competitor and, we wanted to ensure RAMMP's new styles would surpass all others. The full Situational Analysis is available to view in the Campaign Book.

Usability Testing

We had several users test our proposed website's usability. We compiled their responses and addressed many concerns which ultimately improved our proposed website before we presented it to the client.

Examples of improvements made include:

  • Upgrading to a sticky navigation
  • Adding site opportunities for brand expansion
  • Update selected imagery to focus more on the business of restaurants
  • Rewording CTAs to be more user-friendly
  • Adjusting visual design elements to be more cohesive

Lead Unicorn

I worked on low-fidelity wireframes and another teammate amplified them into beautiful high fidelity mockups. With these plans in place, I began coding a custom WordPress theme and website using HTML, CSS, and PHP. We had decided to use WordPress so the client could feel empowered to take control of their website presence and easily manage their content.

Our proposed website featured a more business-focused, professional vibe throughout...with the exception of the MR. MIKES page which was decked out in the MR. MIKES branding! We also added blog functionality to allow opportunities for increasing SEO and expanding their influence across the web.