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RAMMP Redesign Campaign

Branding Kit

Complete branding evaluation & redesign with campaign documents plus custom WordPress website

Client: RAMMP Hospitality Brands, Inc.

Date: Fall 2018

Skills: Situation Analysis, Logo Redesign, Branding Guide, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Assets, Wireframing, Mockups, Custom WordPress Theme & Website, Teamwork, Collaboration, Copywriting, SEO

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This semester-long project was an opportunity to demonstrate all of the skills learned during my Master's program. The capstone course is a collaborate, competitive experience. Together with three additional classmates, my group faced-off against two other teams to win the client's favor at the end of the semester. The final deliverables include a full current situation analysis of the brand, a brand overhaul, social media & digital marketing strategy, and a complete customized website.

RAMMP Hospitality Brands, Inc. is a Canadian franchisor in the foodservice industry focused on helping grow their brands and expand their portfolio. Their most well-known franchise is MR. MIKES with over 40 locations across Canada. I had a hand in nearly all aspects of this project, but for now, I'll highlight three major contributions.

First, we dove into a deep situational analysis of the client's current web, social, and physical presence. When you view the current RAMMP website, you land on a page all about MR. MIKES - and, this is very confusing! We knew we needed to help RAMMP develop their own unique standing in this industry. My part was to evaluate RAMMP's competitors to understand what the other's are offering and to see what sort of styles they are using. We did not want to closely immolate a competitor, and, we wanted to ensure RAMMP would surpass all others. After each teammate completed their own portion of the full analysis, we combined our new knowledge into a SWOT Analysis. You can view this analysis in the Campaign Book.

RAMMP's current social media presence was very amateur. Photos were taken by team members; posts were not following any sort of schedule nor did they tell any sort of story. We recommended that RAMMP use MailChimp to collect followers on their new website because these people may be interested in opening a MR. MIKES restaurant, in franchising their own brand, or just interested in RAMMP in general. And, if anyone is interested, RAMMP should be talking to them! You can view a branded, responsive email template on page 66 of the Campaign Book. Additionally, I designed several social media elements that would help their presence become more cohesive. Now, RAMMP would use the same social media profile image across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Because the client did not have professional photography, we recommended stock imagery that combined business and restaurant imagery.

My most major contribution to this project was made as Lead Web Designer & Developer. I worked on low-fidelity wireframes and another teammate amplified them into beautiful high fidelity mockups. With these plans in place, I began coding a custom WordPress theme and website using HTML, CSS, and PHP. We had decided to use WordPress so the client could feel empowered to take control of their website presence and easily manage their content. Our proposed website featured a more business-focused, professional vibe throughout...with the exception of the MR. MIKES page which was decked out in the MR. MIKES branding! We also added blog functionality to allow opportunities for increasing SEO and expanding their influence across the web.

This capstone project also required us to hone our professional skills. As a remote team of four very busy graduate students, we had our work cut out for us! I quickly took on a leadership role by setting up project timelines and collaborative documents keep our team on track. We used a digital communication platform for quick check-ins, weekly video meetings for sharing rough drafts, and Google Drive to house our documents, assets, and deliverables.

Unfortunately, the client did not select our package to for their rebrand. During reflection, my team discussed how we deviated most from RAMMP's current look. They stated that they were willing to entertain new looks, but we may have deviated a bit too much by going with a blue color scheme instead of sticking with their current brand red. We do firmly stand by our color decision as it was a critical element to fulfill our goal of distinguishing between RAMMP and MR. MIKES. Plus, color psychology of blue encourages trust and stability - which is key for franchisees about to invest thousands of dollars! Had this project gone further, we may have discussed investigating additional color schemes with our client. To date (2021), the client has not moved forward with the winning rebrand.

Full case study coming soon.

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